He had forgotten himself. In his attempts to become something better he had spiraled into something so much worse. He was now weak, broken, and sick.

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A Quiet Return: Thoughts on Recovery and Grandeur

After a very long absence, I am returning to an emotional place where I can be comfortable using textual words as a preferred method of communication. It’s been quite an interesting year away. I have learned a lot of things about everything except writing – which I have mostly avoided at all costs. I’ve moved, I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman, I have a few cats, and I’m on the very slow road to recovery.

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The Zen of Writing in the Workplace by Levi Citrin

Fans of the movie “Office Space” will remember the line “I space out for about an hour” during Peter’s famous first meeting with The Bob’s. The art of spacing out – of allowing yourself to exist outside of time and thought, clear of frivolous thought – is difficult to learn and takes a long time to master. If you work somewhere like an office building where there is a potential for mind-deadening downtime and horrible bosses and coworkers, the art of spacing out can be the savior of your life, mind, and sanity.

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